NWG Inc runs gatherings, workshops and gigs plus publishes two annual print zines: a members anthology and ZineWest.


Writing&Society Reseach Centre UWS

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Welcome to our Ezine

NWG Inc's Ezine publishes the winning pieces from each year's ZineWest competition for Western Sydney Writers. ZineWest is a project of NEW Writers' Group Incorporated (NWG Inc.) The ezine also includes some works from NWG Inc's anthologies and guest writers.

Pieces posted between 2006 and 2010 remain in the original ezine pages but can be found via the new EZine Index

Please note that all writers and artists published in these pages retain copyright of their work. New Writers' Group Incorporated does not necessarily share the opinions expressed by our Ezine contributors.

For more information about our Ezine or other NWG Inc activities please Email