ZineWest 15 Launch – Getting there

Merrylands Community Centre has excellent parking on weekends at the rear of the building.Entry is from Newman street into an undercover park beside the Merrylands Library. Drive through to the open area of car park and the rear of the Centre is on your right. There’s a path around to the front entrance on 17 Miller Street. Then buzz for the Miller St Room! Handy also to bus and train. MAP Saturday, 10th October, Launch 11:30 for noon; ZW WORD 3:00 pm.For details of event click here

ZineWest 2015 Launch/ZW Word

Ms Julie Owens Federal MP for Parramatta

Ms Julie Owens MP

To be opened by Julie Owens MP
Date: Saturday, 10th October, 2015
Venue: Merrylands Community Centre (Miller Street Room)
17 Miller Street, Merrylands.
Time:11:30 am for light lunch
Noon – 2:00 pm Readings; Prizes and awards: Writing Judge – Luke Carman, Editor’s Award – Sue Crawford, Best Image Award – Sophia Kouyoumdjian
Door Prize: Title from Giramondo; Raffle prizes (lots of books!)


Luke Carman Writing Judge ZW15

ZW15 Art Judge Sophia Kouyoumdjian

ZW15 Art Judge Sophia Kouyoumdjian

Date and Venue as above
Time: 3:00 – 5:00 pm
Two Spoken Word competitions: one for invited ZW15 entrants and one Open Mic. Sign on before 3 pm please!



Award Details: Writing – 1st $400, 2nd and 3rd – Titles from Giramondo; Best Image – $100; Editor’s Award – Book Prize; ZW WORD Comps – Book Prizes. Please note that all awards are announced on the day of the launch, winners are not notified beforehand.

NWG Inc Members’ Anthology 2015

New Writers’ Group Inc Anthology – an annual Print zine for financial members – due 24th August

2015 Editor is Robyne Young. We encourage members to workshop their pieces at the Parramatta Gatherings before or immediately after submission. Please read the guidelines and send your entries with a completed form (see form for details)



NWG New Venue Merrylands

What you need to know about Saturday, 25th July NWG gathering at new venue!

Merrylands Community Centre (Miller Street Room, first floor) 17 Miller Street Merrylands 3-5 pm

Google Map

You will need to buzz at the main entrance (Miller Street)and we can let you in. It’s still really helpful if you arrive just before 3 pm so we minimise interruptions, but you won’t be locked out if running late! Just in case, handy to have someone’s phone number. Please note that on 25th Saturday, we’ll be running ZineWest 2015 workshops from 1-3 pm so people will be leaving as you’re arriving.

We had an excellent turnout on our first day at this venue and look forward to seeing many more of you at our new location. Remember we have to charge $2 for your company and offer a very basic tea/coffee/biccie with it. Refills cost another $2 (cheaper than MHC though).

Also, several people who traveled by bus from the Parramatta interchange said it was a quick trip.

Any queries, please email us

ZineWest 2015 Results

As always, we are grateful to every entrant. The editing team this year was Sue Crawford plus four guest editors, Lyn Leerson, Mihaela Cristescu, Robyne Young and Ruth Wyer, all with different opinions. It makes for a diverse list of traditional and more contemporary, reflecting our desire to sample what people are really writing in Western Sydney. Many a time an interesting work is not selected and entrants not on the list shouldn’t assume their work lacked support or appreciation in the team. No one editor gets it all their way; we have to agree enough to form a list, see below. If you’re on the list but no email has reached you, please contact us and we’ll re-send.

Entrants not on the list should have received notification by now. We want to hear as many as possible of you at ZineWest WORD.

Launch details and ZW WORD details will be confirmed shortly, however the Launch date is set for Saturday, 10th October, 2015, 11:30 pm (with food) for a 12 noon start in Merrylands or Parramatta.


L. Armbruster
A. Benjamin
M. Brayshaw
CA Broadribb
B. Campbell
L. Carter
P. Cartwright
S. Chamoun
T. Cheney
D. Cikusa
S. Chiba
K. Coombs-Valeontis
L. Courtney
B. Curby
s. duffy
Dennis J. Pale
J. Gray
N. Fairbairn
L. Herrmann
M. Humbert
O. Jacques
N. Johnson
J. Joy
Y. Kassab
M. Koparan
A. Lenthall
L. Marsden
A. Miller
A. Noman
P. O’Loughlin
A. Radovich
J. deStaic
M. Sutton
Y. Tambiah

NWG Inc Anthology 2015

Dear Financial members

Our anthology is open and your entries are welcome at our editors’ email address. Please read the guidelines and entry form closely before submitting. Looking forward to an excellent edition. This year’s editor is Robyne Young. Due date is Monday 24th August, 2015



NWG – new gathering venues

Due to the closure of Mars Hill Cafe at the 331 Church Street address (we hope this marvelous cultural centre finds fantastic new premises) New Writers Group has to move house after 10 wonderful years of writing in a coffee shop surrounded by art works. Here are our venues for the remainder of our Saturday meetings in 2015:

June 13 and 27,  3-5 pm
KPMG, 91 Phillip Street Parramatta
Please meet outside building at 3 pm to be admitted to ground floor.

July– Nov 2nd & 4th Saturdays, 3-5 pm
MILLER STREET ROOM – Merrylands Community Centre
17 Miller Street, Merrylands

NWG Inc party on 23rd May – and the future

We had a great time meeting Luke Carman (An Elegant Young Man, Giramondo) on 9th May. The value of his comments went beyond helping the writers whose work he was reviewing. We plan to re-cap insights from this workshop and our previous special guest events. What have we learned from experienced writers? What are we doing about it!

Saturday 23rd May is the last date our gatherings can be held at the soon-to-be-closed Mars Hill Cafe address of 331 Church Street Parramatta. Sad though we are – we’re going to celebrate the memories! Free entry, free cheesecake, revisiting some award-winning pieces and an open mic. We wish the Mars Hill Cafe all the best in their hunt for a new location – an unforgettable team with a proud community history of supporting artists, writers, musicians and the caffeine dependent….

June 13 and 27 gatherings will probably be held in Parramatta CBD but from July onwards our long-term address will change. As soon as we have confirmation we’ll give you the details. Many thanks to Sue Chamoun who scouted out all the venues.

Don’t forget the big due date of midnight, 25th May for your writing entries to ZineWest 2015 – competition for new Western Sydney writers.
(Art entries due 25th June)

Mars Hill Cafe on Anzac Day 2015


L.Marsden_The Cafe_ZW13small

Image: Linda Marsden

We hope this was not our last gathering at our wonderful home, Mars Hill cafe. Despite our anxiety it was a good day with 20 or more attending. There were nine entrants in our little in-house competition for the best short piece on Anzac – open interpretation. Winners were Brett Campbell and Linda Marsden. Brett wrote about the swiftly changing emotions and escalating danger in a beach attack from a soldier’s pov. Linda wrote about the unbearable waiting at home for news. Danny Draper won a runner’s up award for a sustained denunciation of the powers that turn war and remembrance into profit. All the poems and stories were heartfelt and insightful. Congratulations everyone and thanks to Robyne Young for organising this project. Judges were NWG inc President Carol Amos and ZW editor, Sue Crawford. Book prizes were donated poetry anthologies by Paul O’Loughlin and Mihaela Cristescu.

There is a group photo on our Face Book page taken by Sue Chamoun. The photos below were taken by Mihaela Cristescu. The top image is by Linda Marsden.


Linda Marsden, left, Brett Campbell, centre, and Danny Draper


Steps to remember


Judges Carol Amos, Sue Crawford


Juliann Wrightson read for Belinda Curby who is on the sick list


Robyne Young


Life member Helen Dalrymple


Susan read about precious young lives


Leonie Le’ Vano at the open mic

Art for ZineWest 2015

ZW15 Art Judge Sophia Kouyoumdjian

ZW15 Art Judge Sophia Kouyoumdjian

Visual artists! Do you have some affinity with Western Sydney and would like your art included in this year’s ZineWest? Because we’d love to hear from you. No entry fee and the award for Best Image is $100. We publish around 30 short pieces of writing (all genre) and four or more colour images on the covers and around six grayscale plus several colour in the inside pages. Unlike writing entries, an art entry can be previously published (however not already won an award). The theme is very open to interpretation “At Home in Western Sydney” – we love to be surprised by what you think that means:) Our wonderful judge is Sophia Kouyoumdjian of Parramatta Artists Studios and she’ll be looking for quality and relevance to the theme. If you’re also a writer, note the due date for writing is 25th May, Art entries are due on 25th June.