On the Wallaby Track… A writing competition

The iconic painting On the Wallaby Track by Frederick McCubbin has inspired the theme for bi-lingual poet Mihaela Cristescu’s second anthology of Romanian and Australian writers. The anthology will be printed and distributed in Romania and launched in Sydney March, 2018. A wide interpretation is expected from writers: journeys of memory, time and place. Most contributors writing in English are linked to Western Sydney and are approached directly for their work. However through this competition we are inviting any Australian citizen or resident, who is a NWG Inc financial member or member of our Facebook group, to submit short prose or poetry related to the theme – On the Wallaby Track – see submission form below. The editors will select a winner to include in the print publication. The winner, like other contributors, will receive a first copy free and retain individual copyright. Prose: up to 800 words; Poetry: up to 60 lines (including empty lines between stanzas). There are no submission fees. This is a not-for-profit project supported by NEW Writers’ Group inc. DEADLINE IS 25th FEBRUARY, 2017.

2 thoughts on “On the Wallaby Track… A writing competition

  1. I pasted this submission,but the punctuation and the paragraphs I put in have disappeared.

  2. Dear Robyn
    Please don’t worry about the paragraphing. We would always consult the writer before printing in any case. However we will see if there’s anyway formatting can be retained for future entrants (it’s the first time we’ve used this form on this site). Best of luck in the competition!

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