ZineWest ’17

Writing Entries: Due 28th May  

Art Entries Due 25th June.

R: Cover Image of ZW16 by Geoff Sellman

ZW17 Editor and Co-ordinator: SE Crawford (VP NWG)
Guest Editors: R. Wyer, J. Anne DeStaic,  Mihaela Cristescu, Danny Draper; FAW – L. Leerson. Comp Secretary and Joint Co-ordinator: Carol Amos (Pres NWG)

Writing co-sponsor: Writing and Society Research Centre WSU

Writing Judge: Author and lecturer (WSU)  Luke Carman. All entries selected by the editors for publication are eligible for prizes. The pieces being published are forwarded without editing to the judge. First prize is $400. See below for more details.

Art Judge: Sophia Kouyoumdjian, Co-ordinator of the Parramatta Artists Studios. The judge assists editors select images from all the entries for the zine and she names Best Image – $100

Launch: FutureCampus, Sunday, 8th October 2017 11:30 am followed by ZW WORD


From L: Carol Amos (NWG Pres) Anne Benjamin (2nd Place, best poem) Sue Chamoun, (commended) Julie Owens congratulating Writing winner Yumna Kassab and writing judge, Luke Carman


BASICS: ZineWest publishes a diverse range of short works by new/emerging writers sixteen years and older who live, work, study or attend a cultural group in Western Sydney. We welcome prose, poetry, lyrics, cartoon, drama – any word-based works we can print. Prizes and awards (including First Place: $400 and Giramondo titles for 2nd and 3rd) are announced at the print zine launch. Around thirty to thirty four entrants have an entry published in ZW and another ten present at ZW WORD, a spoken word/music event following the print launch.

Artwork: We also publish visual art (1st Prize = $100).  See Form above for details.

Julie Owens congratulates Geoff Sellman on Best Image Award ZW16

FACTS/FUNDING: ZineWest is an annual not-for-profit project run by New Writers Group inc. First edition was in 2007 and very much a “zine” – photocopied and stapled. ZineWest moved to the recipe book style of cottage industry and spiral binding, then finally graduated to digital printing and perfect binding or saddlestitch. Both the printing of the zine and the launch costs for the launch are covered through book sales and an  entrance fee at the launch. We don’t have funding for paying writers, but we do offer free entry to the competition. The editors, judges, co-ordinator and NWG committee all volunteer their contribution to ZineWest. We have greatly benefited from our co-sponsor for writing prizes – the Writing and Society Research Centre (WSU). The Best Image award and ZW WORD award are funded by private sponsors.

WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR (REALLY) ZineWest reflects the writers in our neighbourhoods – philosophical scribblers, wannabe Booker prize winners, flighty poets, Goth story-tellers, dropdead funny cartoonists…And the editors don’t care whether you write along traditional paths or forge new styles. We do like an individual voice from a writer who remembers the reader. Pick your own topic, but please note the word limits: ZineWest is a showcase for short works! There are some detailed comments from the editor on what makes a good entry HERE.


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  6. WestWords would like to contact Sue Crawford and Carol Amos to join us for a literary industry sector seminar. Would you kindly supply emails so we can send invitations?

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