NEW Writers’ Group Incorporated (NWG Inc) is a not for profit, incorporated association. All our income from fees, publication sales, grants and donations is spent on our programs for writers. All work is done by volunteers. See Contact Form, Charter and 2018 Committee details below.

Main Venue for GATHERINGS in 2018: UNEFutureCampus, 211 Church Street, Parramatta, upstairs in the Collaborative Space. Time is 3-5 pm unless we post otherwise on the blog and FB. The rules of all our venues must be respected.

Regular Gatherings: All writers are welcome, regardless of experience and writing genre. Share your work in the open mic; receive feedback on short pieces/extracts from friendly workshops. Entry is free, but if you become a regular we’d appreciate your financial membership support ($40 pa plus $1 joining fee) which helps cover insurance and website costs.( Financial members can submit work to our members’ anthology plus receive a free copy. Members can also attend up to two special guest workshops per year for free.)  NOTE: The new 2018 committee plans to review financial membership costs and entitlements.)

Calendar 2018: Please check for updates!
Feb: 10 and 24
March: 10
April:  14 and 28
May: 12 and 26
June: 9 and 23
July: 14 and (21 – event to be decided)
August: 11 and 25
September: 8 and 22
October: 13 (ZW 18 Launch:11:30 at 232 Church) and 27
November: 10 and 24 (AGM/Anthology Launch)

Charter: We aim to cultivate writing in Western Sydney. We celebrate and exhibit the distinctive character of local writing in its diversity. As an active community of writers we are committed to encouraging and supporting  each other’s writing progress. Our projects include writers working in a variety of genre and with varying levels of  experience. We do not discriminate on the grounds of colour, nationality, descent, gender, sexual orientation, politics, age, religion and personal beliefs. We expect all attendees to observe this policy and show respect for each other at our events. Participants need to be sixteen or older. Younger children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Committee 2018: Carol Amos (Pres), Sue Crawford (VP), Mihaela Cristescu (Secretary), Carol Amos (Treasurer), , Danny Draper, Kate Brown, Peter Cartwright, Victoria Cartwright.


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4 thoughts on “About/Calendar

  1. Hi Satish, We don’t offer a service re reviews, however we understand the need newly published authors have to get their work attention. And since like us you have a Western Sydney connection may I suggest you join our FB group http://www.facebook.com/groups/21225889409/ and put in a brief link to the amazon page where your titles are listed and say in the post, would anyone care to review? We don’t allow people to “push/sell” their stuff through our Group, but one post won’t hurt us!

  2. I would like to join the writers group at parramata on 2nd n 4th saturday.what time does it start.?.I would like a mobile number to contact u. when ive get there.im interested to join the group.i hope to see u soon. Bye

  3. Hello Beatrice. We start at 3 pm and conclude at 5 pm for almost all our gatherings. We often take a short break in the middle. Our first date in 2016 is likely to be Saturaday 13th Feb but we will post a calendar in January with contact details. Look forward to meeting you.

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