POP UP Zine book awards

We always said the the POP UP ZINE (PUZ) was not a competition but that we might hand out a book award to one or two writers: Here they are:

PROSE AND POETRY Award: Matilda Hart with special mentions of Laila Nawsheen and C.A. Broadribb.  Selectors were Sue Crawford, editor ZineWest, Rob Dunn, ZW selector and Carol Amos, NWG Inc President. As editor of PUZ I’d like to say how good the entries were and how different from each other, which adds dimension to this small collection and book awards harder to nominate.

HAIKU Award: Robyn Braithwaite (and bravo to the writers new to haiku).
We outsourced this decision to haiku experts, asking for a nomination of best suite of haiku and nomination of an individual poem. Quendryth Young and Nathalie Buckland independently came to the same conclusion. See Nathalie’s comment. It’s a mini lesson in itself.

Nathalie Buckland’s comment on best haiku (by Robyn Braithwaite)

another spring
raindrops on the road
make perfect circles

“The scene is set in line 1 with a seasonal word, as so often in traditional haiku. This forms one important part of the haiku, from which the next two lines juxtapose meaningfully.
Rain is significant in the Australian Spring, aiding new growth and replenishing waterways and dams. The reader can clearly picture the rain falling on puddles. However line 3 adds for me a significant element, the constant rotation of the seasons year after year, echoing the first word ‘another’.  We take for granted the fact that Winter has given way to Spring, it is nothing remarkable, but this made me pause and appreciate our seasonal patterns.
For me this is a gentle but meaningful haiku, and my first choice.”

What we’re publishing atm

ZineWest 2020 will soon go to the printers, and in September we gather works for our in-house anthology from NWG Inc members and Western Sydney colleagues. Pop Up Zine takes a break with two exceptions:

Haiku: we’d like to see more from Western Sydney writers – but all Australians welcome. Send up to ten and we select up to five. Haiku Entry Form

Reflections on childhood stories: Your brief adult reflection (500 words max) on a story of your childhood that had lasting impact. Artelle Lenthall has started us with a positive comment but we expect a range of responses. Artelle has also supplied an illustration but we usually assign a random, peaceful image.) PUZ Entry Form

Lake Parramatta

Haiku Riverbeats Live 09 Comp Results

Over 400 Haiku from 64 poets were submitted for Riverbeats Live 09.
Entries were numbered and names of writers removed.

We are delighted to announce the following awards:
* “Best Three Haiku by one Writer”
Judged by NWG Inc editors Sue Crawford, Glenn Anderson

Joint 1st Place: Nathalie Buckland and Quendryth Young (Book awards)
Joint 2nd Place: John Bird and Margaret Louise Grace (Certificates)
Commended: Roberta Beary, Lorin Ford, Mark Miller
Also on the shortlist were: Brian Bell, Liz Rule

* “Haiku that best captures the Spirit of Riverbeats”
Judged by Riverbeats Musical Director, Dale Barlow:
Gayle Barbagallo ($100)

For more details please go to our Haiku news page
For winning Haiku go to our Haiku Ezine Page

Haiku Riverbeats 09 update

Hello to all our patient poets. Competition results are on their way soon!

Over 400 haiku from 64 poets were forwarded to Riverbeats directors. Once they’ve identified the haiku they want to use, they work with the musicians and visual technicians to produce an integrated performance. As soon as their list is finalised we’ll advise you.

Meanwhile congratulations to all entrants who have sent us a wonderful collection of the beautiful, the serious and the wry. We hope to create a special page in our ezine for some of your creations (with additional permission of course). More on that later.

sue crawford

Haiku Prizes – Riverbeats

Parramatta City Council and New Writers’ Group Inc
announce that two prizes will be awarded for Haiku submitted to Riverbeats Live 09

  • A Certificate and $100 cash prize
    “For the haiku that best captures the spirit of Riverbeats”
    judged by Riverbeats Musical Director, Dale Barlow.
  • A Certificate and book of Haiku poetry
    “For best three Haiku by one writer”
    judged by NWG Inc editors, Sue Crawford and Glenn Anderson

For details and an entry form, please go to our Haiku page