ZineWest 2015 Launch/ZW Word

Ms Julie Owens Federal MP for Parramatta

Ms Julie Owens MP

To be opened by Julie Owens MP
Date: Saturday, 10th October, 2015
Venue: Merrylands Community Centre (Miller Street Room)
17 Miller Street, Merrylands.
Time:11:30 am for light lunch
Noon – 2:00 pm Readings; Prizes and awards: Writing Judge – Luke Carman, Editor’s Award – Sue Crawford, Best Image Award – Sophia Kouyoumdjian
Door Prize: Title from Giramondo; Raffle prizes (lots of books!)


Luke Carman Writing Judge ZW15

ZW15 Art Judge Sophia Kouyoumdjian

ZW15 Art Judge Sophia Kouyoumdjian

Date and Venue as above
Time: 3:00 – 5:00 pm
Two Spoken Word competitions: one for invited ZW15 entrants and one Open Mic. Sign on before 3 pm please!



Award Details: Writing – 1st $400, 2nd and 3rd – Titles from Giramondo; Best Image – $100; Editor’s Award – Book Prize; ZW WORD Comps – Book Prizes. Please note that all awards are announced on the day of the launch, winners are not notified beforehand.

NWG Inc party on 23rd May – and the future

We had a great time meeting Luke Carman (An Elegant Young Man, Giramondo) on 9th May. The value of his comments went beyond helping the writers whose work he was reviewing. We plan to re-cap insights from this workshop and our previous special guest events. What have we learned from experienced writers? What are we doing about it!

Saturday 23rd May is the last date our gatherings can be held at the soon-to-be-closed Mars Hill Cafe address of 331 Church Street Parramatta. Sad though we are – we’re going to celebrate the memories! Free entry, free cheesecake, revisiting some award-winning pieces and an open mic. We wish the Mars Hill Cafe all the best in their hunt for a new location – an unforgettable team with a proud community history of supporting artists, writers, musicians and the caffeine dependent….

June 13 and 27 gatherings will probably be held in Parramatta CBD but from July onwards our long-term address will change. As soon as we have confirmation we’ll give you the details. Many thanks to Sue Chamoun who scouted out all the venues.

Don’t forget the big due date of midnight, 25th May for your writing entries to ZineWest 2015 – competition for new Western Sydney writers.
(Art entries due 25th June)

Art for ZineWest 2015

ZW15 Art Judge Sophia Kouyoumdjian

ZW15 Art Judge Sophia Kouyoumdjian

Visual artists! Do you have some affinity with Western Sydney and would like your art included in this year’s ZineWest? Because we’d love to hear from you. No entry fee and the award for Best Image is $100. We publish around 30 short pieces of writing (all genre) and four or more colour images on the covers and around six grayscale plus several colour in the inside pages. Unlike writing entries, an art entry can be previously published (however not already won an award). The theme is very open to interpretation “At Home in Western Sydney” – we love to be surprised by what you think that means:) Our wonderful judge is Sophia Kouyoumdjian of Parramatta Artists Studios and she’ll be looking for quality and relevance to the theme. If you’re also a writer, note the due date for writing is 25th May, Art entries are due on 25th June.




Luke Carman Creative Writing Workshop 9th May

Meet writer  LUKE CARMAN judge of  ZineWest, 2015
Author of An Elegant Young Man

Saturday, 9th May, 3-5 pm
MARS HILL CAFÉ UPSTAIRS – confirmed, we’re at MHC!!! 331 Church St Parramatta
ENTRY: free

Luke will talk about his writing experience and comment on pieces read by attendees.

If you’d like a chance to hear Luke’s feedback on your work here’s the drill!
Participants: Bring 3 copies of your piece (one for yourself, two for us) and mark an amount that takes no more than 2 minutes to read aloud.
Choose unpublished work you’re happy to revisit.
Don’t share a piece that you plan to submit to this year’s ZineWest competition. (Luke is the writing judge. It would make the entry ineligible.)

 Please submit your name and two of the entry copies by 2:45 pm

We may have more entries than can all be heard, but the discussion should be fun and thought provoking. There may be time for an Open Mic where you can have another 2 minutes!


ZineWest 2015 open for entries

Judge: Luke Carman

ZineWest 2015 Writers Entry Form

ZineWest is open again for all you wonderful Western Sydney scribblers who haven’t yet scored a trade publication. Genre and theme open. Free Entry.Lots more info and our guidelines on the entry form. Due 25th May   First Prize $400. Western Sydney author Luke Carman who wrote the acclaimed An Elegant Young Mais our writing judge this year. For some info on Luke see his bio in SEIZURE and SWEATSHOP

Art entries We love art entries to ZineWest and invite artists to enter up to three images referencing Western Sydney – current theme is At Home in Western Sydney which you can interpret your own way! Art entries due a month later than writing on 25th June. First prize is $100. Art entry form. 


ZineWest 2014 Prize Winners

Julie Owens MP launching ZW14

Julie Owens MP launching ZW14

Congratulations to all the writers who contributed to this year’s ZineWest print zine and spoken word competitions.

PHOTOS BY FELICITY AMOS   and there are more on FaceBook by Sue Chamoun

WRITING AWARDS: Judge – Michael Mohammed Ahmad, Director of Sweatshop


Jason Gray, L.E. Armbruster, Shirley Le, Michael Mohammed Ahmad (judge)

1st Place and Best Prose: Shirley Le for Failed Gangas
2nd Place: Stephen Pham for Home
3rd Place and Best Poem: Louise Carter for The IKEA Squids of the Apocalypse
Highly commended: Jason Gray for Boys and L.E. Armbruster for Trying to Describe You

C.A. Broadribb for Email from Azbekhistan and J. Anne deStaic for Treasure

C.A. Broadribb and J. Anne deStaic

C.A. Broadribb and J. Anne deStaic

BEST IMAGE Judge – Sophia Kouyoumdjian, Co-ordinator of the Parramatta Artists Studios
Winner: Robert Frost for Edie at the Window
Highly Commended: Laurie Garcia for Parramatta Atmospherics

Laurie Garcia and Robert Frost

Laurie Garcia and Robert Frost








ZineWest WORD Cr Andrew Wilson launched ZineWest at Mars Hill Cafe; guest musicians from SSA were Loretta D’Urso and Collin Gosper; judges were Carol Amos (NWG Pres) and Collin Gosper. MC was Adam Marsden.

Danny Draper, Cr. Andrew Wilson, Julieann Wrightson, Dylan Quirke

Danny Draper, Cr. Andrew Wilson, Julieann Wrightson, Dylan Quirke


ZineWest Writers Spoken Word:
First Place: Julieann Wrightson for 213 Cornelia Road
Highly Commended: Danny Draper for War Museum and Dylan Quirke for Poem for my Nanna



Carol Amos and Collin Gosper (judges) Peter Cartwright, Belinda Curby and Helen McNab

Carol Amos and Collin Gosper (judges) Peter Cartwright, Belinda Curby and Helen McNab

First Place: Peter Cartwright for Hard Times Come Again No More
Highly Commended: Helen McNab  ( memoir) and Belinda Curby

ZineWest 2014 Launch 11th October


Image: Linda Brescia

Parramatta Heritage Centre, 350 Church St Parramatta
Join us for lunch, readings, awards and more at:
12 Noon for 12:30-2:30 pm
$5 Entry; Zines $10 All Welcome
ZW14 includes the works of 34 Western Sydney writers and 13 visual artists.
Attending the launch will be Julie Owens MP, Michael Mohammed Ahmad (writing judge) and Sophia Kouyoumdjian (art judge).

Music and more Western Sydney words follow:
ZineWest WORD – with Loretta D’Urso and Collin Gosper from Songwriting Society of Austrtalia
Mars Hill Cafe, 331 Church St. Parramatta (upstairs)
3:30 – 5:30 pm
Entry: gold coin; Want to compete in the Open Mic? sign on from 3pm

ZineWest Guest editor – Adam Marsden


Adam Marsden

Adam Marsden

This is Adam’s second year as a guest editor for ZW. Like other guest editors he’s been published in ZineWest: a tanka collection in 2011 and a short story in 2012. Born and raised in Western Sydney, from a young age he enjoyed all forms of art – from music, to drawing, and writing, He is now enjoying the company of other writers, musicians, and artists during New Writers’ Group gatherings. He serves as a Vice President on the NWG committee.

Adam has a degree in Policing Investigations, and is currently studying a Masters of Fraud and Financial Crime. Naturally, Adam enjoys the crime genre and is composing novels in this area of interest.

Adam has been  MC at the last three ZineWest WORD events which are held after the launch of the print zine, and we hope to see him back at the mic on Saturday 11th October, Mars Hill Café for ZineWest WORD 2014. See earlier post for details on ZW WORD and the preceding launch of ZineWest 2014.

ZineWest WORD 2014 – Spoken Word and Music

Join us at ZineWest WORD our Parramatta Spoken Word and Music gig
Venue: Mars Hill Café (upstairs) 331 Church Street, Parramatta

Saturday, 11th October, 2014
Gold coin entry; Open Mic – register for free, from 3:00 pm
3:30 pm Opening music bracket from Songwriting Society of Australia
3:45 pm Spoken Word for invited ZW writers
4:15 pm Second Music bracket followed by judges’ award for ZW Spoken Word comp
4:30 pm short break
4:40 pm Open Mic – This is open to any writer sixteen years or over: 3 mins max, no props, English only, solo performers, must be the original work of performer
5:10 pm Third Music bracket and Judges’ award for Open Mic
5:30 pm Close
We’d love to hear you!


ZineWest 14 Best Image shortlist

ZWsquareIt was a great pleasure to receive the art entries this year. Every image was road-tested in the zine format for colour (where the original was in colour) and also grayscale. Those that worked best were selected to be included in the zine and are therefore on the short list to be sent to our judge, Sophia Kouyoumdjian. The “ZW14 Best Image” award will be announced at the ZineWest launch (see below).This shortlist is not entirely about artistic merit and relevance to our theme,
My Western Sydney BackyardSome images not appearing on the shortlist met those criteria but would look better in a different format – usually a roomier one. We hope, with the artists’ permission, to include some of these other images in a power point presentation at the ZineWest launch on Saturday, 11th October,11:30 am for noon – 2:30 pm, Seminar Room, Parramatta Heritage Centre, 350 Church Street, Parramatta.

Meanwhile, congratulations to:

Paul Azize (Park Bench);  J. Beerden (Rose Mallee); L. Brescia (Self Portrait, Out); S. Chamoun (Raining Birds);  R. Frost (Wigram by Night, Edie by the Window);  L. Garcia (Parramatta Atmospherics);  J. Hemsley (Every Morning, The Sun Commencing its Daily Walk);  M. Jastkowiak (Early Sunday Morning); L. Koparan (Abandoned); L. Loomes (Six Foot Track); Adam Marsden (Three Sisters); N. Oliver (Nervous Breakdance); J. Whalen (Every Day is a Job Well done)