NWG Inc’s Ten Year anniversary

Carol Amos NWG Inc President Carol Amos and committee invite all present gatherers and members plus we hope to see some members who go back to the beginning… The creators of NWG met in a pub, a pizza shop, a guitar factory before finally finding home in Mars Hill Cafe and until recently in Merrylands library. There have been other venues but the values of the group remain – friendship and collaboration between local writers, artists and whoever wants to get involved. Three cheers for Western Sydney writers… you get the idea.

We’ll talk a bit of history, show a few pictures, read a few poems and stories and (rare in NWG Inc circles) eat FREE food.

Mars Hill Cafe, 331 Church Street, Parramatta (we meet upstairs)

3 thoughts on “NWG Inc’s Ten Year anniversary

  1. Our local federal member Julie Owens MP will be attending – Julie has done much for NWG Inc over the years, launching festivals and zines and letting us ruin her colour printer (we don’t do that anymore though)

  2. Yes!!! 3-5 pm at Mars Hill Cafe, 331 Church St Parramatta, 3-5 pm, upstairs

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