Western Fringe – Songwriters’ Network

If you are a songwriter/muso and you want to develop your
skills and contacts COME TO our first session for 2009!

331 Church Street, Parramatta (opposite Brand Smart)
SUNDAY 22nd Feb 2009
4.30 pm – 6.30 pm – FREE ADMISSION

Guest Speakers – Get your CD ready for manufacturing – Peter and Melinda
from Mad CD’s will give advice and hints on how to finish your CD and artwork

Western Fringe is a new group of songwriters and musos where you can perform your songs,
learn about different facets of the music world from music professionals and even have your songs
workshopped with experienced backing musos. Email Stewart Peters Stewart Peters Website

1 thought on “Western Fringe – Songwriters’ Network

  1. G’day Stewart,

    As the old saying goes – “Long time, no see”

    Our lovely Katrina brought me up to date with some of your news durin the ArtSpark Festival.
    It seems as though belated congratulations are in order.

    You may be interested to know that I was recently able to present to Macca a written copy in bookette format of the piece you put to music for me a few years back.
    Unfortunately, I did not have a CD copy which you ‘cut’ if that is still a correct term, to include at the time.
    If and when you have time and an archival record still exists, may I purchase another one.
    Please respond via

    “ooroo for now”

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