ZineWest 2012 Results

The editors have met and we’ve selected 31 entries from 109 to publish in the print zine. Entrants should receive a letter by email this week regarding inclusion in the print zine or ZW WORD.

We are not able to offer feedback on individual entries but we have posted some general thoughts.
Thanks for supporting ZineWest and we look forward to the next events – the print zine workshop on 28th July and the Launch plus ZW WORD on 13th October.

Print Zine publication list for 2012
Baghaei S., Bartulovich E., Dragicevic I., Eckhardt Y., Estephan K., Fairbairn N., Garlick L., Hemingway M., Koparan M., Marsden A., Masonwells P., Mercieca B., Murphy N., O’ Loughlin J., Patterson J., Pope E., Radovich A., Rule E., Rule L., Salvidge S.E., Sutton M., Tambiah Y., Taylor L., Tayyaba M., Toohey D., Walker S., Walker T., Williams S., Wyer R., Yuen K., Zhang N.

1 thought on “ZineWest 2012 Results

  1. Well done to everyone being published in this years Zine West. I’m looking forward to listening to some more great work at Zine West Word! See you all then.

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