DOORS by Daniel Brako

Doors Launch
Daniel Brako’s book DOORS was launched on Friday 14th June 2013 in Parramatta at Aquarius Rising.



Doors is published by Momentum (part of Pan Macmillan Australia)
Available as an e-book and print on demand.

David Druas is a successful psychologist, with a thriving practice. When he encounters Hans Werner, a client who sees imaginary doors, life takes a dark and unexpected turn.

(Photo by Anne Marie Barnes. Sue Crawford,Daniel Brako,Len Coffey, Carol Amos, Paul Ay-zize, Julieann Wrightson)

1 thought on “DOORS by Daniel Brako

  1. Well put together, sustained thriller. There is fascination in the new worlds beyond the doors and their dangers are felt, but what I liked most was the ever present sensibility that things are not always as they seem and that as individuals we must be prepared to fight for our present reality.

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