ZineWest 14 Best Image shortlist

ZWsquareIt was a great pleasure to receive the art entries this year. Every image was road-tested in the zine format for colour (where the original was in colour) and also grayscale. Those that worked best were selected to be included in the zine and are therefore on the short list to be sent to our judge, Sophia Kouyoumdjian. The “ZW14 Best Image” award will be announced at the ZineWest launch (see below).This shortlist is not entirely about artistic merit and relevance to our theme,
My Western Sydney BackyardSome images not appearing on the shortlist met those criteria but would look better in a different format – usually a roomier one. We hope, with the artists’ permission, to include some of these other images in a power point presentation at the ZineWest launch on Saturday, 11th October,11:30 am for noon – 2:30 pm, Seminar Room, Parramatta Heritage Centre, 350 Church Street, Parramatta.

Meanwhile, congratulations to:

Paul Azize (Park Bench);  J. Beerden (Rose Mallee); L. Brescia (Self Portrait, Out); S. Chamoun (Raining Birds);  R. Frost (Wigram by Night, Edie by the Window);  L. Garcia (Parramatta Atmospherics);  J. Hemsley (Every Morning, The Sun Commencing its Daily Walk);  M. Jastkowiak (Early Sunday Morning); L. Koparan (Abandoned); L. Loomes (Six Foot Track); Adam Marsden (Three Sisters); N. Oliver (Nervous Breakdance); J. Whalen (Every Day is a Job Well done)

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