NWG New Venue Merrylands

What you need to know about Saturday, 25th July NWG gathering at new venue!

Merrylands Community Centre (Miller Street Room, first floor) 17 Miller Street Merrylands 3-5 pm

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You will need to buzz at the main entrance (Miller Street)and we can let you in. It’s still really helpful if you arrive just before 3 pm so we minimise interruptions, but you won’t be locked out if running late! Just in case, handy to have someone’s phone number. Please note that on 25th Saturday, we’ll be running ZineWest 2015 workshops from 1-3 pm so people will be leaving as you’re arriving.

We had an excellent turnout on our first day at this venue and look forward to seeing many more of you at our new location. Remember we have to charge $2 for your company and offer a very basic tea/coffee/biccie with it. Refills cost another $2 (cheaper than MHC though).

Also, several people who traveled by bus from the Parramatta interchange said it was a quick trip.

Any queries, please email us

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  1. I am not able to use my printer – can a printed membership form be forwarded to 95 Pitt St, Merrylands 2160. My name is Josephine Cozzupoli.

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