ArtSpark Carnivale – Holroyd Gardens 16th May 09

UPDATE: NWG Inc will hold an information and publications stall with poetry and story readings. We’ll also help the community write a story together – NWG Inc writers will offer a “starter” line or two then it’s up to everyone else’s imagination where the story travels. If you are a NWG Inc gatherer, you might like to email Jacqui Douglas about when you can take a turn on the portable mic or help on the stall.“ArtSpark Carnivale is an event aimed at celebrating Holroyds cultural diversity and creativity.”

Saturday 16 May 2009 – 12 Noon – 6pm
Holroyd Gardens Park (Cnr Pitt & Walpole Sts) Merrylands.

1 thought on “ArtSpark Carnivale – Holroyd Gardens 16th May 09

  1. The Wind was – – –

    The wind was wild but it did not rain
    but behind the pond was a bit of a pain.
    We used our speaker that we did not hire
    but the wild strong wind blew it back up the wire.
    So we took our readings to the Merry throng
    but again it’s difficult to compete with song.
    The bands were big. The bands were loud.
    They easily captured the largest crowd.

    So a roving member took handbills to the tents
    at days end there were no laments.
    Continuous stories were penned by the crowd
    when time permits they must be read out loud.
    A invite was made for a local Gig
    during the month of June, it will not be big,
    just a rhymer of verse, perhaps a corked hat
    is needed to attend and chew the fat.

    (c). Rimeriter. 5/09.

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