ZineWest 09 Results

Ms Julie Owens, Federal MP for Parramatta opened the ZW Launch on 26th September 09 at the Parramatta Heritage Centre with a vibrant commentary on the development of writing in the community. She drew an interesting parallel between debate on the community’s economic foundations and the value of solid foundations in the community for our writers and other artists. Programs such as ZineWest help new writers develop and enjoy their work, and can be a step on the path to greater success.

Our judge, Fiona Wright of Giramondo Publishing, warmly praised the collection by 33 writers and gave some interesting detail on her appreciation of the winning entries and commendations. She also answered some burning questions from guest editors Felicity Castagna and Lyn Leerson on what exactly are the failings of works that don’t ‘quite make the cut’ at Giramondo Publishing.

Fiona Wright announced the following results for ZW 09:

First: Glenn Anderson for his story “Moroney” (Cash Prize:$400)
Second: Peter Porteous for his poem “Confessional” (A year’s subscription to HEAT)
Third: Luke Rule for his story “The Insomniac Uprising” (Book from Giramondo Publishing)

Denise Patricia Aldridge for her poem “Sestina for my Grandmother”
Brian Yatman for his poem “Wrong Place”
George Toseski for his poem “Homes”
Diana Tjoeng for her story “From Different Lands”

Diana Tjoeng and George Toseski received the NWG Inc Editor’s award for their contribution to present and past ZW editions. Diana was given a copy of Award Winning Australian Writers 09 and George received David Malouf’s latest work “Ransom”.

The works by the three prize-winners will be posted on NWG Inc’s Ezine later this month.

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