Haiku Riverbeats Live 09 Comp Results

Over 400 Haiku from 64 poets were submitted for Riverbeats Live 09.
Entries were numbered and names of writers removed.

We are delighted to announce the following awards:
* “Best Three Haiku by one Writer”
Judged by NWG Inc editors Sue Crawford, Glenn Anderson

Joint 1st Place: Nathalie Buckland and Quendryth Young (Book awards)
Joint 2nd Place: John Bird and Margaret Louise Grace (Certificates)
Commended: Roberta Beary, Lorin Ford, Mark Miller
Also on the shortlist were: Brian Bell, Liz Rule

* “Haiku that best captures the Spirit of Riverbeats”
Judged by Riverbeats Musical Director, Dale Barlow:
Gayle Barbagallo ($100)

For more details please go to our Haiku news page
For winning Haiku go to our Haiku Ezine Page

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