New Writers Poets 15th Feb ’10


NWG Inc and FAW Poets with Luciano Mesiti

NWG Inc poets Barbara Fern and Brian Bell joined with Lyn Leerson from FAW Parramatta and read poetry for Library Lovers Day at Parramatta Library.
Not surprisingly, one day after Valentine’s Day, the emphasis was on lurve and romance.
The lead artist was wonderful singer song-writer Luciano Mesiti who is a popular guest at Parramatta Library.
Luciano (far right) sang a combination of old favourites and his own songs ending with “Love is in the Air”.
Barbara (far left) read her story in sonnets about a bored toddler who lights upon a hidden family romance.
Brian (second right) entertained us with his dry humour on contemporary life.
Lyn (centre) read two love poems by FAW writer Danuta Unzeitig-Zakrzewska.
Sue Crawford (second left) introduced the poets.

Thank you Parramatta Library for the privilege of sharing our work in the community!

3 thoughts on “New Writers Poets 15th Feb ’10

  1. Greetings. I am a poet by nature and am lonoikg for ways to get my work out there and a chance to meet and perhaps collaborate with like minded people. I was wondering how I might go about participating in your group. Many thanks.Albert Atchison

  2. Hi Albert – we’re limited what we can offer unless you’re close enough to attend our gatherings in Parramatta, Sydney. If you can come along, you’ll be welcome to join in discussion, open mic, workshops etc. Financial membership is available if you want to be part of our annual anthology. Watch out for our 2016 calendar and venue details. Basically it should be 2nd and 4th Saturdays Feb-Nov, 3-5 pm but we await confirmation from our venue. If you can’t attend, you can join our FB group (New Writers Group Inc) where we post writing news or short pieces of our work (nb only admins can post more than once a week.) We don’t promise to comment or review on FB – but you might get a few people read your work!

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