Vale: Cas Van Loon

Cas Van Loon

Former member Cas Van Loon passed away on 1st October, 2011 after a long illness. We extend our sympathy to his wife Helen and all his family.

If you ever met Cas at a writer’s group or a poetry festival, you will remember him. Cas had a robust, individual style which shone full of love and admiration for the Australian bush. He often included some little homily with his latest poem posted on his blog which he most regularly updated. Cas was not a couch poet – he travelled widely in his retirement and his experiences on the road were the material for his creations. You can see his own short bio on his blog
Clogs Over Aussie plus poetry posted since 2007 until shortly before his final illness.

1 thought on “Vale: Cas Van Loon

  1. I will miss Cas sending me emails about blogging – especially the cheerful messages… no matter the problem Cas would say KEEP SMILING

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