New Writers’ Group Inc publishes three zines. For all enquiries or orders please use our CONTACT FORM below Pandora box. (As at 2018 ZineWest and our anthologies are $10 plus postage.)
ZineWest – an annual Print zine and competition open to new and emerging Western Sydney Writers with a first prize of $400. We also publish artwork. Best Image $100.
New Writers’ Group Inc Anthology – annual print zine for financial members and gatherers.
NWG Inc EZine – an on-line home to the winning works from the ZineWest competitions and work from other local writers. NWG Inc EZine is archived by the National Library of Australia in the PANDORA archive.

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  3. Hello, as I write original poetry, am I able to attend a meeting to share my poetry and listen to other original works? I’d like to feel the atmosphere before deciding to become a member if that’s ok?

  4. Hi Steve, everyone’s welcome to attend a meeting and share their original work. Most sessions there’s time for everyone, although we ask writers to keep their reading to under 5 mins. If we have a special tutor visiting we still try to fit in lots of readings:)
    Also no pressure to be a financial member – in fact we recommend you try us out first.

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