ZineWest is an annual competition and print anthology for new writers,16 years and over, with a Western Sydney connection. We welcome word-based creative work we can reproduce in a print A5 zine. We publish around thirty writers and ten local artists. Writing: A team of the editor and former ZW award winners, selects the entries for publication in the zine. These entries are sent to the judge who nominates the prizes. Art: The judge advises on which entries to publish in the zine and nominates the prizes. 

Winners in 2022

FIRST PRIZE for WRITING (and best prose): $400 – Dannielle Catherine
Co-sponsored by the Writing & Society Research :Centre, WSU.
SECOND PRIZE: $300 – Nic Lesly (private sponsor)
THIRD PRIZE (and Best Poem): $200 – Peter Cartwright (private sponsor
Commendations: Book Titles – Norm Fairbairn, J. Marahyo, Nicole Lenoir-Jourdan (Giramondo Publishing)
Editor’s Award – Book Award (private sponsor)
BEST IMAGE AWARD – $100 – Sandra Borri (private sponsor)
Art Runner-up – Book Award – Erin Macnaught  (Sweatshop)

JUDGES: Writing – Dr. Luke Carman, Art – Dr Hayley Megan French
Editor: S. E. Crawford
Comp Secretary: Carol Amos (NWG Inc President)

Audio of Luke Carman’s ZineWest 2022 Launch address:


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  6. Hi, I am wondering if short pieces in online publications and short story competitions disqualify me from entering this prize? I am a PhD candidate at the Writing & Research Society Centre and my publication credits include a handful of short pieces. Thank you for clarifying this!

  7. Hi Katherine, entrants who have had pieces published in journals and anthologies are eligible, unless they have a sole author title trade published. We look forward to your entries!

  8. If a poem is included in a manuscript being considered for publication would that make it ineligible?
    It is waiting to be reviewed and may not eventuate till later in the year
    Thank you for your clarification.

  9. Hello
    I am wondering where to find the entry form for the Zine competition due May 14th. I did see entry forms will be available May 21 one week after the due date..
    Have I misunderstood?
    Thank you

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