– ZW Art

ARTwork for ZineWest 2018 is due 23rd June. Free entry, up to three entries. All Western Sydney visual artists are invited to enter. If you are not familiar with submitting images that will reproduce in a print zine, consider the following:

You need well focused images (jpeg) in high resolution (300 dpi) eg:

  • an artistic photograph (not just a nice pic)
  • artwork you can scan (water-colour, sketch) and convert to jpeg (use a good scanner)

Creating a digital version of an artwork which isn’t easily scanned:

  • Photograph the image hanging on a plain background (a tripod can help) or
  • lay artwork on the floor and take from above. You might need several tries to achieve good focus and avoid warping.
  • If photographing an art installation, try to capture its original character and impact.

Some traps

  • Don’t send a low res version from FB or Instagram. We need the original.
  • Editing with filters etc can help, but sometimes the original is better for ZW.
  • Avoid too much foreground, too much/not enough light

Finally, it’s hard to predict what will work. Some images look great on our computer yet don’t suit the printed page at the size we can publish them. That can apply to images by professional artists also. So give it your best shot!