The 2021 edition of Expression has collected writing and images (see index below) that reference Parramatta as part of Writing Parramatta 2021 – a project that has been supported by a City of Parramatta Creative Economy Grant. Book prizes for the Parramatta entries will be awarded on 13th November at a launch on Zoom. Some pieces are still to be added here..

Works by NWG Inc anthologists will also be published in Expression 21

WP21 Editors: S.E. Crawford, Annie Zhang and Rob Dunn
Roving Photographer: Mihaela Cristescu
NWG Inc Anthology Editor: C.A. Broadribb

INDEX Writing Parramatta 21  Art, Stories, Poems, Q&A’s 

Mihaela Cristescu 

Lynore Avery

C.A. Broadribb 

Marina Robins

Jo Mularczyk – Fervour

Paul Azize – Did You Get a Ticket?

Augusta Supple – Going to Ground

Nicole Lenoir-Jourdan – The Parramatta Pie 

Mihaela Cristescu – Crossing Lennox Bridge

C.A. Broadribb – The Dinner Party 

Geneva Valek – The Song – Noller Park

Christopher Sammut – The Overwhelming Whole

Nic Lesley – Run to Parra-dise

Nathan Smith – The New Frontier of Literature

Peter Cartwright  – Parramatta Bytes, In a Parramatta Cemetery

The Tropics888 – Jacaranda, The Local Creek

Les Wicks – Jo’n’wicksy, The Hidden Store

Sandeep Kumar Mishra – My City of Parramatta

NWG Inc with Sarah Barns

NWG Inc with Winnie Dunn

NWG Inc with K.M. Steele

NWG Inc with Helen Dalrymple

NWG Inc with Belinda Curby

Photos of Parramatta by Mihaela Cristescu