April May ’16 News


23rd April – in honour of Shakespeare we are having a workshop on sonnets – a bit of information/history plus a writing exercise that anyone, including non-poets, could attempt. And then it’s open mic to perform your sonnets or other short pieces.

Thinking of Anzac Day, you’re most welcome to also bring your work on themes we associate with war: strife and misery, those at the front, those left behind…. so many thoughts and associations to choose from. If you have a piece that runs for more than around 3 minutes, highlight a section you can read to us if we don’t have time for the whole. Excerpts can be intriguing.

We had an enjoyable editors’ workshop on 2nd April, and we thank the writers who allowed us to use their work. The teams made different decisions, which tells us a bit about how editors and judges choose – differently!

ZINEWEST – due 14th May, not many weeks to go. Get those terrific short pieces together and send to our editors’ address. The details you need are on the Writing Entry Form.

Collaborative Space – upstairs
FutureCampus, 211 Church Street Parramatta
3-5 pm and after at Jamie Olivers if you have the inclination

Anzac Open Mic Competition 2014

Bound for France

Bound for France

You are invited to participate in a
Spoken Word Event – Saturday 26th April 2014
Theme is “ANZAC DAY”
We expect diverse entries, but please keep within the boundaries of the theme. You must live, work or study in the Sydney West area to enter. Time at the mic is three minutes max so give us the heart of your story.

1st Place: $50; 2nd Place: $30; 3rd Place: $20
At Mars Hill Café (upstairs)
331 Church Street, Parramatta.
3pm to 5pm
Register 2.30-3.00 pm
Come and enjoy a fantastic afternoon of spoken word with some of Sydney West’s talented writers. There should be time also for an Open Mic following the competition, so everyone is welcome to bring a short piece on any theme.Same max for the open mic – three minutes please. Any questions,post a comment!