EXPRESSION – digital anthology which draws from our project work and anthologists.

ZINEWEST – an annual  print zine and competition for Western Sydney
writers who have not yet been published as sole authors, plus local artists.

Online Pop Up Zines and projects:

PUZ 2023 – Ekphrasis
PUZ 2022 – Relationships and Humour
Writing Parramatta 2021
PUZ 2020 – Writing in all Circumstances

Romanian/Australian Anthologies

NWG Inc’s Ezine – digital copies of past ZineWests, in-house anthologies, and archives of other projects.

GALLERIES – Includes NWG Inc event photos and art.
NB: NEW Writers’ Group Incorporated Anthology was in print from 2005-2019. We published the 2020 edition as a pdf and in 2021 we replaced it with the digital publication, Expression.