Ambiguous Loss/Parramatta Ekphrasis

Luke Carman launched Ambiguous Loss, a NEW Writers’ Group Inc anthology by nine writers who shared the mic with artists and writers from the Parramatta Ekphrasis project.

Saturday 17 June, 2023, Dr. Luke Carman launched Ambiguous Loss, a NEW Writers’ Group Inc anthology of works by writers who have created and presented work in Parramatta over many years. They shared the mic with creatives from NWG Inc’s Parramatta Ekphrasis project, introduced by editor Sue Crawford. Both projects were part of Parramatta Expression which has been supported by a City of Parramatta Council Community Grant.

Ambiguous Loss: C. A. Broadribb, J. Anne DeStaic, Christopher Sammut, Augusta Supple and Ruth Wyer contributed stories workshopped in NWG Inc’s ‘Long’ Writers group and were joined by award-winning poets Peter Cartwright, Mihaela Cristescu, Norm Fairbairn and Arna Radovich. Ambiguous Loss pdf

Ekphrasis project: Artists/Photographers: C.A. Broadribb, Maria Constantinescu, Mihaela Cristescu, Trish Jean, Jean Rhodes, Marina Robins, Michaela Simoni, Jayaseelan Thangavel; Writers: Peter Cartwright, S.E. Crawford, Mihaela Cristescu, Belinda Curby, Barrie East, Sneha Panchal, Arna Radovich, Marina Robins and Dannielle Viera.
Michaela Simoni won The Lovers by Yumna Kassab for helping start the project. Peter Cartwright won Root & Branch by Eda Gunaydin for poetic duties above and beyond. 
The Ekphrasis project has been republished in our annual digital zine Expression_2023 pdf

Thanks to the writers who read for others: J. Anne DeStaic, Ruth Wyer and C.A. Broadribb.

For clearer images of the art see the Ekphrasis Gallery.
INDEX of Ekphrasis writing
Photos below taken by Mihaela Cristescu.