Pop Up Zine 2020


In 2020 we asked for poems and flash fiction from Australia that responded to change, challenge, circumstance. Our images aimed to be peaceful. PUZ is closed for now, but who knows, it might pop up again some future time.

In November 2021 we decided to create a new serial Expression, and collect pieces from the Pop Up Zine of 2020 for the first edition. 
Expression1 pdf


APRIL-MAY 2020 Pages 1-7

June-December 2020 Pages 8-13

PUZ Haiku

Contributors retain full copyright of their writing and images.  

We awarded Matilda Hart a book award for the prose and poetry section. Haiku experts, Quendryth Young and Nathalie Buckland, nominated Robyn Braithwaite the book award for best Haiku.