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Is there a story you first read or heard as a child which had a lasting impact, one which you might view differently as an adult, yet remains significant?  Artelle Lenthall answers with image and commentary …

Artelle Lenthall
Fairy Tale Memories

The Twelve Dancing Princesses was a favourite fairy tale of mine as a child, I loved the princesses’ desire to escape being good all the time, and to just have some fun. I also liked the cleverness of the young gypsy suitor who caught them out, but still gained the love of his chosen princess.

Growing up Afro-Indian in a very white Australia at the time, also not having a bunch of cousins like my Maltese and Aussie friends did, this particular story spoke to me of escape from having to prove myself and of belonging to a large extended family which I craved. 


Artelle Lenthall is an emerging children’s writer: ” Covid-19 lockdown April 2020 saw me with a lot of time, but little desire to write.  I reacquainted myself with my love of art. This piece has developed from a  pencil sketch to mixed media, using watercolour pencils, gel pens and ribbon.