Pop Up Zine .9

 Belinda Curby

 Her acrylic nails stutter
On the lips of the keys
Of her mobile phone
Spitting out messages constantly
As she is spun out
By the constant roll of casino games
And the echoing voices
From the constant stream of videos from Instagram

I sit across the coffee table from her
The goddess of technology
With my green matcha latte
Waiting to be noticed
For her to even see that I’m there
Meanwhile her fingers continue to flicker
On the thin glass screen
Her eyes fully focused as she leans in
Touching it lovingly
She caresses her phone
Like a mad lover groping the keys
Silent orgasms
Exploding inside her brain
Her blank face lit up in utter bliss
Blinded by the flashes of her screen
As addiction rings insanely in her mind

One hour passes
And I still sit there
Waiting for her to notice me
For her to utter more
Than the tapping of her nails
On the vibration of her screen
Silently echoing the disrespect
Of my young adult carer
Arrogantly expressing her freedom
As the goddess of technology

Belinda Curby is currently compiling her third anthology Echos of Courage: poetry, prose and her original artwork