ZineWests 2007-2022

ZineWest 2022
Winner: Danielle Catherine for Haircuts 1-3
Second: Nic Lesley for Runs in the Family
Third: Peter Cartwright for The Bloke Who’d Try the Patience of a Saint
Judge: Luke Carman

Best Image: Sandra Borri for Thought Patterns
Runner-up: Erin McNaught for For the Love of Pizza
Judge: Hayley Megan French
ZineWest 2022_Digital_Edition 

ZineWest 2021 
Winner: Christopher Sammut for Breathe
Second: Peter Cartwright for The Time
Third: Geneva Valek for The Rat
Judge: Luke Carman

Best Image: Sandra Borri for Galah
Runner-up: Erin MacNaught for Hands #1
Judge: Elizabeth Chang

ZineWest 2020
Winner: Arna Radovich for Last Breath
Second: Louise Loomes for The Still Point
Third: Matilda Hart for Magic Deck
Judge: Luke Carman

Best Image: Erin Macnaught for Ladybug
Best Image Runner-up: Marina Robins for Three Flowers
Judge: Sophia Kouyoumdjian

ZineWest 2019
Winner: Na’ima Ibrahim for The Failed Job Interview
Second: Hamish Spark for A Brief Review of Herman Kay’s Brief Review
Third: Alexander Donoghue for Blue Literature
Judge: Luke Carman

ZineWest 2018
Winner: Annie Zhang for A Bush, Barely BurningZineWest2020_Digital
Second: Wafa Kulsoom Khan for The Plan
Third: Danny Draper for Was That You?
Judge: Luke Carman

ZineWest 2017
Winner: L E Armbruster for Pretending: A Hero’s Quest
Second: Norm Fairbairn for First Day Back
Third :Loredana Tudor-Tomescu for It’s Spring Back Home
Judge: Luke Carman

ZineWest 2016
Winner: Yumna Kassab for Unit 101
Second:Anne Benjamin for The Morning After
Third: Mihaela Cristescu for The Door and the Glasses
Judge: Luke Carman

ZineWest 2015
Winner: Meg Brayshaw for Elegy
Second: Yumna Kassab for Cigarettes and Smoke
Third: J. Anne deStaic for Bones
Judge: Luke Carman

ZineWest 2014
Winner: Shirley Le for Failed Gangas
Second: Stephen Pham for Home
Third: Louise Carter for The IKEA Squids of the Apocalypse
Judge: Michael Mohammed Ahmad

ZineWest 2013
Winner: Yasmin Tambiah for A Shore Distant
Second :Alchemia Calendula for Masr
Third: Robyne Young for Parramatta Morning
Judge: Fiona Wright

ZW2013 Cover

ZineWest 2012
Winner: Ruth Wyer for My School
Second:Louise Zhang for Shandong Blues 
Third: Neil Murphy for Almost Red
Judge: Fiona Wright

ZineWest 2011
Winner: George Toseski for Aunt Stanka Sees Wolves
Second: Liz Rule for Wentworth Falls Suite
Third: Arna Radovich for Central Station 7.03 am
Judge: Fiona Wright
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ZineWest 2010
Winner: Luke Carman for My Time
Second:Gerorge Toseski for Survivor
Third: Mihaela Cristescu for Sacred
Judge: Fiona Wright

ZineWest 200

Winner: Glenn Anderson for Moroney
Second: Peter Porteous for Confessional
Third: Luke Rule for
The Insomniac Uprising
Judge: Fiona Wright

ZineWest 2008
Winner: Felicity Castagna for Dev
Second: Kathleen Steele for Mourning Conversation
Third: Luke Rule for The Theory of Gravity
Judge: Mridula Chakraborty

ZineWest 2007
Winner: Grace Culshaw for Some Poems for Chris
Second: Chris Hale for Revolution 9
Third: Steven Cavanagh for World of Hurt
Judge: Jane Goodall
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