Eric Esber – Poems


Humour where did it come from,
BC or AD,
one person,
or a group.

In the dictionary,
it says,
look it up,
or Google.

We all like a good joke,
Knock Knock,
why did the Chicken cross the road?
those things.

Stand-up Comedy,
never been live,
only on TV,
funny people.

On the run jokes,
I knew a guy
talked like that,
his name was John.

Why do people laugh,
when a man
gets hit
down below.

Life would be very dull,
without humour
lucky it exists,
part of our world.


Who do you love the most?
Answer later.

Who loves you the most?
Same answer.

Short, sweet and simple
your mother.

Eric Esber: ‘If I could write my perfect material it would be half John Lennon and half Billy Joel.’   Image by Eric Esber