Victoria Cartwright – Poem

Victoria Cartwright 

Yawning as I trail my way 
from the plane to the concourse 
and onto grabbing my bags to 
dump onto a cart just long 
enough to contain the pile 
of five cases. 
My kit of life drifted from a 
small but long apartment in
Kent to faraway Parramatta
with a brief stop in Sydney.
My bridge back there has
been burnt and crumbled
with a last hug from my
worried parents.
Welcomed with a kiss
and a tight embrace from
my six monthed husband after
a frantic search among the crowds.
After a security check and my
passport stamping me into
a new country.
I am welcomed by the
warmth of September spring
after a damp leaving of the Sound.
The bags are brought to the vehicle
and greeted by the smiling bloke
who drives the long conveyance.
After an hour of long highways, we
are dropped off along the back alley
of our home.
Dragging the bags up the entry, we
slide inside a welcoming cool and up
into home.

Victoria Cartwright was born along the Jersey shore, growing up in the wilds of the Puget Sound and now living among the gardens of Parramatta with a poet husband and a clowder of cats.  Life is good.”  

Parramatta Photo – Mihaela Cristescu