Ekphrasis – C.A. Broadribb

Tramlines to Nowhere by C.A. Broadribb who has a few uni degrees, writes fiction and non-fiction and sometimes takes photos. She lives in Western Sydney. Writers responding: Arna Radovich, Belinda Curby and Barrie East.

Asylum Lines
Belinda Curby

It carries the secrets.
A tradition that goes way back
Whispers of an asylum
Laid on certifiable tracks.
Years of history
Echoes of places far and wide
Ghosts haunting its very soul
A straight jacket
scheduled against its will.
A vital breath
Of an Old Parramatta
Where the crows and ravens ruled
Shocking memories
Of an asylum once sought
Governed by towering walls.
The lines of Cumberland meet.
Abandoned in the dance for freedom.
The Tram passes through.
Without even a stop
Like a Psychosis
But it still sleeps

Artist Comment: This is an interesting take on the photo, commenting on the history of the area, which included trams in the past.

The Decision
Arna Radovich

Pigeon paces the empty tracks
a choice must be made
a decision—
should he fly off into the great unknown
or return to Parramatta Square—
comfort zone of relative safety?
Paralysed by doubt
he searches for a sign

Artist Comment: It’s interesting that the writer focused on the pigeon rather than the tramlines! Or is the bird supposed to be a metaphor for the NSW government?

Tramlines to Nowhere
Barrie East

My being is not unlike a pigeon, where I can be trapped living on tramlines, or push through all barriers to achieve the unreachable.

Artist Comment: An interesting personal take on the photo, with the pigeon as the main subject.  I didn’t even intentionally include the pigeon – it was just there.

Writer Bios

Belinda Curby writes poetry and stories. She has self published three collections which she illustrated. She has also been published in journals including ZineWest and editions of Mihaela Cristescu’s Romanian Australian anthologies.

Barrie East has held several senior management positions in organisations including the not-for-profit sector. Recently retired, he has commenced writing short stories reflecting in part on his own experiences whilst developing his own character as a modern day vigilante, seeking true justice.

Arna Radovich is a Blue Mountains writer of short fiction and hybrid poetry.