Ekphrasis – Jayaseelan Thangavel

Flew-ent Artist by Jayaseelan Thangavel – always a student in the world of photography drawing inspiration from all around. Loves to capture anything with an artistic flavour. Founding member of Sydney West Artistic Photographers SWAP).Writers responding: S.E. Crawford and Barrie East.

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The Secret Mastery of Birds 
S.E. Crawford 

A plodder of land and water how does 
the black duck launch 
through the buoyancy of a lake
on wings we imitate 
leaving a swell of ellipses that will not 
break until the bank, unless
interrupted by a fisher’s cast
or a chugging coot evolving patterns
of its own 

In low light, the dark streaked eye,
edged by cream, still distinguishes
this plain-clothed waddler
from any another drab dabbler
of lakes and dams and
filthy drains in drought

a second identifier,
the rich green/blue speculum, 
is barely seen – 
the camera needs to catch one preening,
or airborne above the lake and forest
filmed in full sun, 
coming home
or leaving …

S.E. Crawford edits small publications and on rare occasions risks writing a poem.

Flew-ent Artist 
Barrie East

I see myself free and unrestrained, able to be either out front as the leader or at peace and unchallenged on my own.

Barrie East has held several senior management positions in organisations including the not-for-profit sector. Recently retired, he has commenced writing short stories reflecting in part on his own experiences whilst developing his own character as a modern day vigilante, seeking true justice.

Artist Comment: I am honoured to have been associated with the poets / writers and feel more so when they add much more flavour to the picture with their words.