Ekphrasis – Maria Constantinescu

Eel Place River Light – Acrylic and Parramatta River water & sediment on canvas, 42 cm x 59.5 cm, 2023.
Maria Constantinescu‘s multi-disciplinary artistic practice investigates different modalities in which information about the world and the universe is translated into contemporary works of art.

The Fairyland of Dust 
Mihaela Cristescu

Along the shinning waters of the mirror image
trees developed thoughts of soil and stories about Land:
soul of matter brought by morning mist
among an amalgam of songs without their music sheets –
distinguished paper in a camera picture.
We believed in the beginning that neither you, nor I
can travel to the further point so fast,
so unreliably thinking of the highest mountains to be climbed.
Dots and lines,
lines prepared by dots in the dawn.
Our hope developed colours,
sand, sky, grass, and petals for memories,
touching them, drinking them
again and again, running waters in front of us,
every day and every night,
a stream of gracious melodies for all perceptions and hypotheses we had.
See everything;
feel everything;
parting time in seconds and even more –
dancing in the fairyland
of dust.

Mihaela Cristescu is a poet who takes photos in her attempt to reveal another perspective of metaphor. You can hear her reading of the above poem on YouTube.

Artist Comment: Thought-provoking and captivating, The Fairyland of Dust offers a poignant response to my ideas and emotions while painting Eel Place River Light. Pondering the significance of memory, sensory experience, and our perception of space and time, the poem beautifully highlights the profound connection between distinct natural settings and the human spirit. Moreover, it emphasises the importance of weaving together fragmented occurrences to construct meaning and understanding. The writing mirrors the energy and longing expressed through brush strokes, inviting us to be wholly present in each moment of life in order to fully experience it. It is also a reminder to acknowledge the transient nature of existence, akin to an ephemeral ‘fairyland of dust’. I am sincerely grateful to the author for the heartfelt reflections and unforgettable words. Thank you.
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