Ekphrasis – Michaela Simoni (1)

Waterfall in Suburbia by Michaela Simoni, an artist who writes, paints and plays music. She lives in Auburn. NSW. She is the president of the C.A.T. (Cumberland Artists Together). Her works have been exhibited in many galleries. Writer responding: Sneha Prajay Panchal

Waterfall in Suburbia 
Sneha Prajay Panchal

The water has no colour; it has no shape 
It does not belong to the mountains or the sky
It changes with the forms it drapes
and passes by.

The water falls fearlessly making its own way,
teaching us to be bold and strong,
not afraid to be sometimes wrong.
No time wasted, uncomplicated,
it does not know love or hatred – we hear its song.

Throwing many surprises, life is like magic –
memories collecting, secrets creating.
It may be delightful, it may be tragic.
Do not look back, keep on flowing.

The water gushing,
disappearing into the wild bushes,
brushing each and every path,
different moods displaying 
is a message for our journey –
move at your pace, without rushing.

Feel the coolness, even in the warm days
rise with the sun rays
be vibrant and be powerful,
grateful and kind, for this surely will be fruitful.

Find your path by all possible ways.

Sneha Prajay Panchal is an occupational therapist (recently moved to Sydney from India on a work visa) who loves reading and has a new found love of writing poems.

Artist Comment: The use of language echoes the kinetic energy that was portrayed in the painting. Then the poem enters a different level as the poet describes how we choose different directions just like the water. We should be powerful like the water. By viewing the painting the poet has been transported to being physically present at a waterfall – she carries us there with her words. There we gain strength from the waterfall.

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