Pop Up Zine 2024

NWG Inc’s Pop Up Zine in 2024 new writing theme is Somewhere Else. We hope it inspires diverse interpretations. Somewhere Else could be a location – overseas or over the road. It could be a new experience or state of mind. Short prose and poetry. Due 28 April. Editors S.E. Crawford and C.A. Broadribb. Details see entry form : SomewhereElse__WritingEntryForm

Art entries for Somewhere Else: Artists are also invited to submit images on the theme but we ask you to give us a short comment on how the image relates to the theme: SomewhereElse__ArtEntryForm

INDEX (Somewhere Else)

Marina Robins – Over the Moon; Plays with the Mind

Dannielle Viera – For We Are One and Free

C.A. Broadribb – Shall I Call You Christina?

INDEX (Anthologists)

Sneha Prajay Panchal – The Good Old Days

Charly Aldred – The Bridge of Broken Dreams

Destiny De Wet – Oh Ana