Destiny de Wet – Poem

Destiny de Wet is a Western Sydney writer.

Image from our ‘Peaceful’ collection

Oh, Ana  

With every bite,
my mind, my body,
both begin to break
A battle fought inside of me
with food and flesh and fear

My soul, my body
is thinning,
You caress me and tell me
that this is what beauty feels like

You taunt me with every passing glance
I catch of my wretched reflection
and whisper lies of such bittersweet pureness
that this is how it is meant to be
that this is what beauty feels like

I do not know what I look like anymore
I feel it eat away at my inner lining,
I feel my stomach twist with your words
Nothing is as pure as this
Nothing is as beautiful
Nothing feels as good
as this hunger

As I feel my body begin to weaken 
I smile
Playing god at such a young age
cannot be good for me

I can feel you around me
getting stronger
as my body gets weaker

Oh Ana,
how could I not play this game with you?