Marina Robins

Over the Moon, poem and image by Marina Robins, a Canadian born multi-disciplinary creative, currently living on Dharug Country. Her works have a social or aesthetic focus and some works have both. (See also Plays with the Mind below.)

Over the moon
(Somewhere Else theme)

Over there, elsewhere you are under a different moon, time and place.
I read and reread the words you sent, marks on a tree that used to be.
I’m full of grief and sorrow; full of hope there will be a tomorrow in a place of elsewhere.
My soul soars, it drops and I grapple for hope over another moon, I curve my body to embrace it in full roundness. 
Hope springs eternal, migratory birds in view.

Plays with the Mind
(Somewhere Else theme)

I’ve put aside 35 minutes to get ready to go out tonight. It’s always hard to judge how long it takes. So many distractions – a ping from the phone, a message – don’t look, no I need to look, what if it’s relevant to tonight’s excursion.

So I look, but it’s not, but now that I’ve looked I need to respond. No don’t respond, it is going to take away from my get ready time. If I don’t do it now, I may forget later. Crap, I’m going to respond. 

Oh no, the bin’s full, need to get another one, take this one out, on the way outside to the bin I see the mailbox is stuffed. May as well empty it while I’m here.

…Are you ready yet? The bus leaves in 5 minutes, we need to get this one because we have not left any wiggle time. Ok, so I’m not really ready but it doesn’t matter that much, we are on our way to see a play. I’ll be sitting in the dark for most of the time. So no one will notice what I’m wearing or that I have not made (or shall I say kept) enough time to do hair and make-up. Time – just enough to get my shoes on and make sure I have my Opal card.

It’s just over an hour later. I’ve gone from out west to inner city – I’m elsewhere. The theatre bell is ringing. Soon I will be transported out of my story into theirs – elsewhere.