Trish Jean: Art

Three images for Pup Up Zine 2024 theme – Somewhere Else by Trish Jean. See her Somewhere Else writing page here.
1. Afternoon With Sisters: Lake Eildon, Bonnie Doon Victoria

Artist Comment:
This photograph was taken at Lake Eildon in Victoria. My sisters and I were on a road trip
to someplace else. In our very presence there, collided past, present and future and we oscillated between shared moments talking about a houseboat holiday many years before, and being in our thoughts. The image then captures a time of someplace else for us. As a fan of fantasy and science fiction, with a growing belief that such works may be prophetic about other worlds and realms, it lends to me imagination of someplace else, the trees as some kind of alien lifeform.

2Under the Boardwalk: Murray River, Albury NSW

Artist Comment:
This photo captures the water beneath the boardwalk at a riverside park in Albury NSW. To find photos of the Murray River that show someplace else than the typical landscape photograph, I needed to move beyond those places we might normally stand. It’s sage advice for a photographer to not miss out on a great shot because you only stood in one place. The light moves through the honeycomb-like walkway that you step out from onto a boat. The water moves also. It creates an image that could be someplace else.

3. Ancestry, Collision, Departure: Cape Reinga/Te Rerenga Wairua, the Aupaouri Peninsula New Zealand

Artist Comment: 
The act of photography is mindful. Place becomes the space between the lens, my eye, the subject. I am someplace else. Sometimes that someplace becomes inhabited with the someplace of someone else. When I am at Cape Reinga/Te Rerenga Wairua, I think about my connection to this place, where my ancestor fought in the Maori wars. I think about the collision of the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean just past the lighthouse, off the cape. In Maori, Te Rerenga Wairua means the leaping-off place of spirits. Reinga is the Maori word for underworld. This is a place of somewhere else.

About Trish Jean –  Exploring through language, photography and soundscape, Trish engages in community arts and writing projects, exhibits, performs, and inhabits anthologies.