Romanian/Australian Anthology

The Romanian/Australian anthologies of poetry and short prose are published by Mihaela Cristescu as collaborative, not-for-profit projects, with support from the NEW Writers’ Group Incorporated.

Ninth Edition: SEASONS
Entries of contemporary poetry and prose due 30 June 2024 
Image by Luminita Serbanescu

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Current edition is Dancing Dragons published in Romania and launched in Sydney at the State Library of NSW 6 April 2024.


10 YEARS of PARTNERSHIP with STATE LIBRARY of NSW  – Mihaela Cristescu 
A vivid memory for me, the month of November 2013, the moment when I established the first contact with the State Library of NSW and the representative of this institution, Mrs. Oriana Acevedo. Since then, exactly ten years have passed, during which our activity took shape, the events we organized at the State Library were not limited to the volumes released in Sydney, belonging to Romanian authors who live here, but through the collaboration we have with NEW Writers’ Group Inc., the Romanian/Australian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry & Prose was born, an anthology that has now reached volume 8 (under publication).The book launch events took place as part of the Multicultural March government program, the Library thus opening its doors to the communities in Sydney and around the world, through direct transmissions and Live connections between Australia, Romania, the USA and Canada.

To celebrate the 10 years of partnership with the State Library of NSW, the event on November 11 offered surprises for all participants, presenting important names of Romanian and Australian culture such as Luke Carman (Western Sydney University), Alex Plescan (New Zealand) and Adrian George Sahlean (USA) who recited his English translation of The Legend of the Evening Star, by Romanian Romantic poet, Mihai Eminescu. Accompanying music was directed by Roxana Sahlean.  

Well-known collaborators of the Anthology also took the stage: Dana Stefan, Siham Chamoun, Peter Cartwright, Anisoara Laura Mustetiu, Tazin Abdullah and Danny Draper – under the coordination of Editor Sue Crawford – the correspondence from Romania being this year received from Galati, from our colleague, Andrei Velea. On the musical side, we listened to soprano Paola Monroy, presented by Fernando Andres, and pianist Gabriel Bucur, the visual arts being represented by Artist Photographer Luminita Lenuta, Guest Artist Maria Constantinescu and Visual Artist Catalin Anastase.

In order of appearance, the volumes of our Anthology (English Editor S.E. Crawford, Coordinator Mihaela Cristescu, illustrations Luminita Serbanescu and Carol Amos, President NWG) are: Pounding the Pavement (2016), On the Wallaby Track, A Journey Across Memories (2017), Between Dusk and Dawn (2018), Arguments Avant la Lettre (2019), 9000 Miles Away (2020), Stay A While (2021), Street Musicians (2022), Dancing Dragons (2023). More than 200 authors were published in the Anthology: Romanian writers living in Australia, Romania, Holland, Canada, USA, etc., Australian writers, as well as authors of other nationalities living in Sydney. Journalists, plastic artists, photographers, visual artists, musicians and personalities from the literary world of Australia and Romania participated in these events that received an echo in specialized literary criticism from both countries.