Writing Parramatta 2021

Writing Parramatta 2021 celebrates creativity in Parramatta with the support of a City of Parramatta Council Creative Economy Grant. For further information contact us at or Facebook.

Main features of the project are: Parramatta Stories and Images; Writers’ Workshops; ZineWest – Western Sydney Print Zine and Publication; Q&A with Creatives. Details below.

WP 21 Index
given at a Zoom reading for Writing Parramatta writers and artists.

FREE WORKSHOPS  Voices of experience to help your writing journey.

Saturday, 30th October, 3-5 pm on Zoom
A Few Good Words with award-winning Parramatta author and lecturer Felicity Castagna Creative writing with a focus on our choice of words.

Saturday, 7th August, 3-5 pm on zoom 
Publishing workshop with award-winning author and lecturer, Felicity Castagna

Saturday, 1st May, 3-5 pm on Zoom 
Feedback on your Creative writing with award-winning author Luke Carman 

Saturday, 24th April, 2:45 – 4:30 pm on Zoom
Collaborate with other writers to brush up your online presentations, plus Open Mic

Saturday, 13th February, 3-5 pm on Zoom
Creative Writing with award-winning author and lecturer,
Felicity Castagna

ZINEWEST 2021 Print Zine Our special 15th Edition published 27 writers from Parramatta and Greater Western Sydney. ZineWest also features local visual artists.
Launch and Prizes, 13th November 2021

Q&A by email   Creatives with links to Parramatta interviewing each other. 

Photo by M. Cristescu