ZINEWEST 2023 Pelican at dusk by Trish Jean won Best Image Award. Runners-up were  A Girl and  her Dog by Erin Macnaught and  Going Places by Marina Robins. Judge: Maria Constantinescu.

ZineWest 2023 was lauched by Luke Carman on 14th October, 2023 at UNE Sydney Parramatta.
Writing Awards:1st Adam Byatt, 2nd Trish Jean, 3rd Mitch Browne. Highly commended: Lisel Herrmann, Kristoff Mikes-Lui and Geneva Valek. Editors’ Awards: Nicole Lenoir-Jourdan and Paris Rosemont. Best Image: Trish Jean, Runners-up Erin Macnaught and Marina Robins.

Writing Judge: Luke Carman; Art Judge: Maria Constantinescu; Editor: S.E. Crawford
Comp Secretary: Carol Amos
Cash prizes Co-sponsored by the Writing & Society Research Centre (WSU), NWG Inc and  private donors. Book awards were Australian titles including issues of HEAT

Gallery of Launch 14 October 2023 – contact re more photos of more attendees!

Photos: From top left clockwise: Felicity Amos; Cover (Image by Sandra Borri); NWG Inc President Carol Amos; Peter and Victoria Cartwright; Dannielle Viera (art &writing contributor), Art Judge Maria Constantinescu, Michaela Simoni (art & writing contributor); Carol Amos, Maria Constantinescu, Sue Crawford (ZW Editor); Raffle titles; Winner (ZW2023) Adam Byatt; Norman Fairbairn reading his poem; Winners of door and raffle titles; Best Poem Mitch Browne; Chris Sammut (ZW21 winner); Danielle Catherine (ZW22 winner); Carol Amos & Writing judge Luke Carman drawing door prizes; Judges Maria Constantinescu and Luke Carman flanked by Carol Amos & Sue Crawford; Benjamin D. Muir reading his story; Dannielle Viera with raffle/door titles; Noela Clarke with Dannielle Viera’s door prize picture book; Chris Sammut, Editors’ Award winner Paris Rosemont, Ruth Wyer (ZW2012 winner) & Sue Crawford; Writing Awards with Luke Carman, Sue Crawford; Writing winners: Adam Byatt, Mitch Browne, Geneva Valek, Kristof Mikes-Lui and judge Luke Carman. 

ZineWest is an annual competition and print anthology for new and aspiring writers,16 years and over, with a Western Sydney connection. We welcome word-based creative work we can reproduce in a print A5 zine. We publish around thirty writers and ten local artists. Writing: A team of the editor and four previous ZW award winners, selects the entries for publication in the zine. These entries are sent to the judge who nominates the prizes. Art: The judge advises on which entries to publish in the zine and nominates the prizes. See details for earlier ZW editions. 

Kathryn Munro – Meandering City

Winners in 2022

FIRST PRIZE for WRITING (and best prose): $400 – Dannielle Catherine
Co-sponsored by the Writing & Society Research :Centre, WSU.
SECOND PRIZE: $300 – Nic Lesly (private sponsor)
THIRD PRIZE (and Best Poem): $200 – Peter Cartwright (private sponsor
Commendations: Book Titles – Norm Fairbairn, J. Marahuyo, Nicole Lenoir-Jourdan (Giramondo Publishing)
Editor’s Award – Book Award (private sponsor)
BEST IMAGE AWARD – $100 – Sandra Borri (private sponsor)
Art Runner-up – Book Award – Erin Macnaught  (Sweatshop)

JUDGES: Writing – Dr. Luke Carman,
Art – Dr Hayley Megan French
Editor: S. E. Crawford
Comp Secretary: Carol Amos (NWG Inc President)
ZineWest 2022 Digital edition pdf

Audio of Luke Carman’s ZineWest 2022 Launch address:

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